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Censorship, By George Orwell - 881 Words

Censorship In George Orwell’s novel, 1984, the theme, censorship, greatly influences the storyline. Within the society, Oceania, the government censors everything from the newspapers to an individual s thoughts. Although, Oceania does not have any specific laws the citizens know that challenging the party, even with facial expressions, could result in punishment or possibly death. The prime reasoning behind censorship is control. In order to gain the ultimate control the Inner Party utilizes media manipulation, regulation of language, and intimidation through the Thought Police. In the book the main character, Winston Smith, works for the Ministry of Truth. This department primarily oversees the reconstruction of the past. Members work to renovate past newspaper articles, books, periodicals, pamphlets, posters, leaflets, films, sound-tracks, cartoons, and photographs to make the facts fit with the ever changing beliefs of the Inner Party. In short, anything with political sign ificance experiences reconstruction in the Ministry of Truth. A major part of reconstructing consists of deleting individual’s records that the party â€Å"vaporized† . When an individual acts disobedient the party removes their names from the register as well as all of their records. In the book, the party vaporizes many characters, like Syme, Winston’s wife, and the husband of the sandy haired woman who worked in the Ministry of Truth. Media manipulation largely contributes to how the Inner PartyShow MoreRelatedCensorship In 1984 By George Orwell717 Words   |  3 Pagestoday’s political climate and other current events. This is shown through George Orwell’s intuitive predictions of the use of censorship, his discussion of the perception and nature of reality, and his timeless depiction of a too-real society. 1984 contains an intuitive look at the role censorship plays in the lives of human beings. One way this plays a main part in his novel is through government use of technology. George Orwell saw that technology was growing in both sophistication and popularityRead MoreCensorship in 1984 by George Orwell1321 Words   |  6 PagesCensorship It was terribly dangerous to let your thoughts wander when you were in any public place or within range of a telescreen. The smallest thing could give you away. A nervous tic, an unconscious look of anxiety, a habit of muttering to yourself--anything that carried with it the suggestion of abnormality, of having something to hide. In any case, to wear an improper expression on your face...; was itself a punishable offense. There was even a word for it in Newspeak: face crime... Read MoreFreedom of Media: Big Brother and 1984 Essay898 Words   |  4 PagesIn 1949, George Orwell wrote one of the most influential and relevant scientific fiction books of modern time. The book critiques the rule of totalitarian governments using subtle and not so subtle satire. The book reveals the dangers of a government gaining too much power over its citizens. The government can abuse its abundance of authority by controlling all of the media available to the citizens. In 1984, Orwell fears government control of media because it helped brainwash and control the citizensRead More George Orwells 1984 Essay1690 Words   |  7 PagesGeorge Orwells 1984   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  War is Peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. These are the beliefs that the citizens of Oceania, in the novel titled 1984, written by George Orwell, live by. In this novel, Oceania, one of the three remaining world super powers, is a totalitarian, a society headed by Big Brother and his regime, known as the ministries of Truth, Love, and Peace. A totalitarian government is defined as a government characterized by a political authority which exercisesRead More1984 and Nazism1401 Words   |  6 PagesNobody can disagree with the fact that George Orwell’s vision, in his book 1984, didn’t come true. Though many people worried that the world might actually come to what Orwell thought, the year 1984 came and went and the world that Orwell created was something people did not have to worry about anymore. Many people have wondered what was happening in Orwell’s life and in his time that would inspire him to create this politically motivat ed book. A totalitarian world where one person rules and declaresRead MoreAnimal Farm And 19841457 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿ George Orwell s views on totalitarian governments were not concealed from public view. He expressed his thoughts and opinions through his books. Among these books were Nineteen - Eighty -Four and Animal Farm, which were his works that most obviously portrayed his disfavor for totalitarian governments. Totalitarian governments are controlled by political authorities who have control of all aspects of society. Nineteen-Eighty-Four and Animal Farm are two different books that have different waysRead MoreOrwells 1984 Essay1962 Words   |  8 Pageswritten by George Orwell is a cautionary novel set in a totalitarian society maintained and controlled by the government through censorship, fear, and a total lack of human rights. George Orwell’s novel 1984 depicts what he saw in the society he was living in, and to warn future societies of what he thought the world was headed towards. However, my hypothesis is the warnings present in 1984 are irrelevant to a first-world society (refer red to as our society from here on). The type of society Orwell describedRead MoreThe Problem Of Self-Expression In 1984 By George Orwell848 Words   |  4 Pagesconscious (Orwell70). In George Orwells 1984 he shows the authority a government can have on ones life even when all they want is self-expression. Many are too frightened to rebel, yet when one does it impacts his life forever. Even though the society of 1984 by George Orwell claims to be complete and total censorship, the problem of wanting more self-expression is still evident which is shown through indirect characterization, symbolism, and themes. George Orwell 1984 utilizes components ofRead MoreEssay on Society’s Influence on 1984 and George Orwell1391 Words   |  6 PagesSociety’s Influence on 1984 and George Orwell To say I accept in an age like our own is to say that you accept concentration-camps, rubber truncheons, Hitler, Stalin, bombs, aeroplanes, tinned food, machine guns, putsches, purges, slogans, Bedaux belts, gas-masks, submarines, spies, provocateurs, press-censorship, secret prisons, aspirins, Hollywood films and political murder (Bookshelf I). Politics, society, economy, and war during the forties had a direct impact on life at the timeRead MoreBrave New World And 1984 By Aldous Huxley And George Orwell994 Words   |  4 PagesAuthors Aldous Huxley and George Orwell each attempt to demonstrate the gloomy outcomes of power-hungry totalitarian governments in their novels Brave New World and 1984. Orwell, in 1984, fabricates the â€Å"Party† as a communistic, autocratic bureaucracy that ensures their control over their populace through unscrupulous manipulation of history and ubiquitous espionage that gives them complete control over every individual’s thoughts and feelings. Huxley, in Brave New World, establishes a government

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Illustration Essay Example Topics Ideas

Illustration Essay Example Topics Ideas Ok, I Think I Understand Illustration Essay Example Topics, Now Tell Me About Illustration Essay Example Topics! There's the variety of topics divided into categories depending on their theme. Personal observations and individual experiences may also be sources of good tips for writing. Some sample topics are given below. If you want more college level illustration essay topics, you are able to easily locate them on the internet since there are many such lists. The thesis is the idea you're likely to support throughout the remainder of your essay by giving examples and explanation. The very first bullet point ought to be your thesis, the subsequent three bullet points ought to be the supporting examples, and the previous bullet point ought to be the conclusion. Aside from choosing a smashing topic, the appropriate structure, error-free writing and revision are a number of the important components to earn your article a hit. A partic ular instance of illustration employs a personal experience or other men and women experience that is discovered to be dominant to present a central illustration essay example. How to Choose Illustration Essay Example Topics Illustration essays may also be very tricky when there's a demand for an example because sometimes student forget the idea of the example and compose some contradictory statements in the long run. The thesis also needs to be argumentative and challenging. Excellent essay writing always starts with the practice of planning. In such a scenario, students might have to fit their preferred illustration essay topic into an overall subject area, like the historical record of illustration, illustration tools, or a specific illustrator. In brief, if you would like to compose a perfect Poe essay then you will need to stick to the above told guideline, you may also seek advice from your teacher to supply you with a guideline for writing Poe essay which are generally given while the endeavor is assigned to the students. In order to assist you understand all the specifics involved with writing the illustration essay, we're likely to analyze the above mentioned statement just a little bit more. The following are a few appropriate essay topics that you could consider when you are trying to compose a great paper that will earn you the top marks you would like. When settling on your preferred essay question, it's essential that you stay realistic about the quantity of work that must go into your topic, together with the sources out there. There are certainly times as soon as your prof won't ask you to incorporate any research. If you would like to succeed, the very first thing you are to do is to pick the appropriate topic for your essay. If you want to produce an amazing subject, the initial action to do is to decide on the right topic from a pool of various illustration essay topics. It is hard to write a great essay if you aren't fascinated about this issue you've chosen. Research the subsequent illustration essay topic ideas which you may utilize to develop a good topic for your paper. Who knows, most likely one of the above might be the topic you want! It is definitely better to inquire into the subject of your essay yourself. The War Against Illustration Essay Example Topics There are many ways to find the info necessary for your essay. Do not overlook the hook since it will grab the reader attention. Each time you utilize great notions discovered in different peoples' sources, make certain they are referenced appropriately. The longer your paper, the more elaborate the variety of examples you're likely to require. The 30-Second Trick for Illustration Essay Example Topics One other important condition of picking a good topic is the way much you know about doing it. Everything can be thoroughly illustrated that is precisely why it is suitable to c hoose topics about the regions of our expertise. You'll need a brilliant subject which are going to assist you to grab the reader's interest. No subject or topic is too challenging for our professionals to take care of. Watch a number of the best videos as well as reading the very best article on your favorite subject as a way to find the correct info which may be helpful for your essay. If you're well versed with a topic and have ample info or you know the source of finding the information, then you're going to be in an important place to capture a reader's interest. Even when you're knowledgeable in that special subject, it's also wise to investigate with the help of print material and other sources like search engines. With the most suitable statement and plan, the remainder of the writing should fall into place. Illustration essays are written in order to spell out study subjects and offer interesting and picturesque descriptions. There are several sorts of essays. Am ong other sorts of essays, it is among the simplest to write. Writing an essay is created of five primary actions. Writing an Illustration essay isn't that complicated a job. Illustration essays provide a wide range of topics for writing. If you still find it troublesome to work on the illustrative essay or a different sort of homework assignment, it's much better to contact expert essay writers ASAP. The Tried and True Method for Illustration Essay Example Topics in Step by Step Detail Illustration essays are popular choices with instructors today due to the fact they are simple projects that prove a fundamental point. If you've got a chance to interview those who are more experienced in the subject of your essay than you, you ought to take your opportunity to speak to them about it. For example, some students are always concerned with the thought of finishing the work and so end up not doing the proper thing.

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Customs Broker Free Essays

A BUSINESS PLAN AND ROLE OF A U. S. CUSTOMS BROKER TABLE OF CONTENTS PART I – BUSINESS PLAN: Executive Summary General Company Description Services Market Analysis Summary Management and Organization Financial Plan PART II – U. We will write a custom essay sample on Customs Broker or any similar topic only for you Order Now S. CUSTOMS BROKER ROLE: Role and Purpose of a Customs Broker Preparing for the Customs Broker License Exam Harmonized Tariff Schedule Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) Importer Security Filing/10+2 Entry Process Automated Brokerage Interface Automated Commercial System Sample Import/Export Frequently Used Documents EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Customs Broker Experts, LLC is a certified woman-owned customs broker firm located in Chicago, IL. The company has been set up as an LLC company by the owner and licensed customs broker, A. The company’s goal is to become the preferred customs broker in the Chicagoland area, increasing profitability upward of 15% annually. Customs Broker Experts will process entry clearance of merchandise being imported through all major U. S. ports and comply with U. S. Customs clearance procedures, laws and regulations. The company will provide the services and filing procedures to customers so hey spend less time pouring over paperwork, and more time concentrating on their business. A, an experienced Supply Chain professional, will manage and operate the company as the licensed broker and general manager. With over ten years of import experience managing substantial volume from Mexico, Germany, China, and more recently Canada, A has the knowledge, commitment, and experience to lead a succes sful customs brokerage organization. GENERAL COMPANY DESCRIPTION: Customs Broker Experts, LLC offers customs clearance expertise to those in the business of importing goods from all over the world. The organization offers importers its thorough understanding of the rules and regulations of the United States Customs Border Patrol to ensure goods are in compliance and abide by government regulations. The company will process all customs-required documentation, declare the value of the merchandise, classify the merchandise, rate and pay all applicable duties on behalf of the importer prior to releasing the goods to the customer. The company has secured a two-year contract with ABC Imports, LLC and will act as the customs broker for the company for said period of time. Contract renewal will take place 18 months into the contract. ABC Imports handles merchandise shipping from Mexico, Germany, and China. Based on forecasted projections, Customs Broker Experts will generate a profit by the end of the first year with a 15% increase the second year. The projected imports are expected to vary throughout the year with May through September serving as peak season. During peak season, the company projects to import about 800 trucks and railcars a month from Mexico through the port of Laredo, Texas; Eagle Pass, Texas; and Nogales, AZ. During off season, the company projects to clear approximately 575 shipments. SERVICES: Customs Broker Experts will provide prompt personalized service acting as an agent between the shipper and US Customs and other government agencies. It will be our job to be sure that the importer of record is in compliance with all Federal and State laws. All customs brokerage firms are required to have a Power of Attorney on file prior to transacting any Customs business on the behalf of the importer of record. This instrument allows the broker to transact Customs business only. The document indicates the US tax reporting number, and specifies if the importer is a corporation, partnership, sole proprietor or an individual. The following is a list of commodities the company will manage, to name a few: †¢ Artifacts †¢ Furniture †¢ Household Goods †¢ Manufactured Goods †¢ Perishables There is virtually no commodity Customs Broker Experts cannot clear. Customs Broker Experts’ fully automated processes will allow for error-free entry presentations as well as electronic payment of duties to U. S. Customs. The company will be certified by U. S. Customs to process entries nationwide acting as liaisons with the U. S. Government preparing and processing the required documentation and paying applicable duties. MARKET ANALYSIS SUMMARY During the first year, Customs Broker Experts will concentrate on clearing shipments originating in Mexico on behalf of ABC Imports, LLC. Customs Broker Exports will concentrate on importing from Mexico during its first year because: 1. Customs Broker Experts has extensive experience importing from this NAFTA partner. 2. This industry continues to grow as the Latino population increases in the United States. 3. Customs Brokers’ extensive experience and knowledge of the importing process adds value to its clientele. Classifying merchandise to identify a product for importing can be quite complex. This type of complexity requires collaboration and coordination between a credible and experienced customs broker, the importer of record, and U. S. Customs. Customs Broker Experts will be marketing the business in a number of ways. First and foremost will be the company’s website. The website will allow for potential customers to request a rate quote online. It will also serve as tool for existing customers by providing links to relevant government websites as well as status of their merchandise during the importation process. Customs Broker Experts will advertise in supply chain and transportation journals. The ads in these journals will provide visibility of Customs Broker Experts to manufacturers and buyers as well as importers and exporters. The company will extend their services to other importers in the following years by bidding in Request for Proposals (RFP’s) starting in the third quarter of the first year. MANAGEMENT AND ORGANIZATION The founder of the company, A, has 10+ years of experience in the Supply Chain industry importing goods from Mexico, Germany, and China. More than eight of those years were in the area of Purchasing Inventory Management with the last two years focused in Logistics and Distribution. Having conducted business with a wide array of brokers, both foreign and domestic, over the last ten years has given Gina Gonzalez the opportunity to understand the importation process. Gina Gonzalez will lead the company as President and licensed broker. Two part-time employees and two part-time interns will be focused on the administrative process of entering and clearing entries with U. S. Customs. The part-time employees will be junior and senior-level college students while the interns are in their freshman or sophomore year. Both the employees’ and interns’ area of study will be in International Business, Operations Management, or Supply Chain Management. A third full-time employee and part owner, C, will handle the IT operations of the business maintaining the company’s website, EDI (electronic data transmission), and ABI (Automated Broker Interface) service up to date. A fourth full-time employee will manage the account payables and receivables. Gina Gonzalez will oversee and be very much involved in the day-to-day operations with primary focus in marketing the company. As the company prepares to expand their services into the second year, an additional part-time employee will be added as well as an additional licensed individual. Although the company can operate with one sole licensed broker, the additional licensed professional will add value to the company and act as assistant manager in the absence of A. The company will also offer current employees the opportunity to take the customs broker exam with all exam fees sponsored by the company upon successful completion of the exam. This fringe benefit will be extended to employees who have been with the company for a minimum of 12 months. In the event of termination of employment within 12 months after reimbursement, the employee will be responsible for reimbursing the company. FINANCIAL PLAN The company will charge a per entry fee. In order to streamline charges, each entry will have a flat fee regardless of the mode of transportation—rail, truck, or intermodal. The average industry charge ranges between $30 to $60 depending on length and volume stipulated within the contract. By securing a two-year contract with ABC Imports, LLC, the company is able to offer a highly competitive rate of $45 per entry. Considering the projected entries for the first year, the company expects to generate a net profit by the end of the calendar year. A portion of the profit will be allocated to bring on additional staff as new contracts are acquired. The start-up funds will be drawn from a personal investment from A, $30,000, an investor and co-owner B, $15,000, and second investor and co-owner C, $5,000. A owns 75% of the company, with B owning 20%, and C 5%. [pic] [pic] [pic] [pic] [pic] How to cite Customs Broker, Essay examples

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The Importance of a Two

Table of Contents Introduction Functions of business manager Qualifications of a business manager Importance of business communication Fostering effective business communication Conclusion Works Cited Introduction In a certain communications firm, just as it is in many modern firms, there is a protocol followed in passing information form the junior employees to the top business managers. A new intern approached the top manager’s secretary and requested an appointment with the manager to discuss a project to send money via mobile phones.Advertising We will write a custom assessment sample on The Importance of a Two-Way Business Communications Procedure specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Since no such technology had existed before, the secretary promised to make arrangements but never informed the manager. She considered the intern would have nothing much to offer the company. After all, he was there to learn. One month la ter, a major competitor launches a plan to send money via mobile phone and pays the same intern millions of shillings for the idea. Since, then the communication’s company annual returns are barely quarter of what its competitors realize. The company had lost a project worth millions due to an appropriate communication procedure (Lee and Thill 113). Many companies overlook the use of proper communication in enabling the company realize its goals. The kind of communication that is often pronounced is that from the top management to the employees but not vice-versa. Business managers should be keen not only to ensure their decisions are implemented as per their desires, but to also ensure the employees are free to discuss any company information with them. In the example above, there was definitely a procedure to ensure the business manager’s decisions are implemented but no clear forum existed to ensure the company’s employees express their views as relates its e ndeavors. The essence of this presentation is to elaborate the importance of a two way business communications procedure and offer advice on the alternative strategies that can be used to achieve this (Rodriques 303). Functions of business manager In order to understand how the two way communications model can be utilized effectively, it is important to comprehend the roles of the business manager in the organization. First on the list is controlling. The business manger manager is charged with the responsibility of determining the limits of the actions of the employees and ensuring they dedicate sufficient efforts to the realization of the company goals.Advertising Looking for assessment on business communication? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Secondly, the business manager plays the leading role in the organization. He/she supervises the activities of the employees and ensures the management’s authority is felt in t he day to day running of the organization. Thirdly, he is charge of organizing and planning in the company. He sets the goals and comes up with the appropriate strategies to realize them. He also distributes the various duties amongst the employees depending on their abilities for optimal utilization of the available resources. Qualifications of a business manager The academic qualifications necessary for such a post include courses that train one on cost analysis, accounts auditing and managerial functions in an organization. Presently, an MBA is the most recognized course that would impart these skills. However, business mangers should not just be managers; rather they should be leaders who understand how to motivate their staff on the appropriate ways to achieve the company’s goals. Leaders have the ability to make employees work voluntarily Importance of business communication The fact that a company possesses the best talents in the industry does not in itself guarantee success. How knowledge is managed within the organization will determine the results that they post. Proper communication ensures the roles or tasks of each and every individual in the organization are well understood for efficient delivery. If business managers convey the wrong message to their employees, different results from those anticipated will be realized. Through proper communication, the company is able to understand its employees and in the process devise the most appropriate ways to ensure these employees are motivated (Guffey and Almonte 255). Moreover, proper communication skills ensure the company, under the stewardship of the business manager, can tap on the innovative ideas of its employees since they are the people on the ground. Creating a free communication environment ensures the information flow to and from the business manger is resourceful.Advertising We will write a custom assessment sample on The Importance of a Two-Way Business Communications Procedur e specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Fostering effective business communication Companies can exploit all the different forms of communication to ensure they are in touch with proper conveyance of communication. The most effective is the verbal communications. Business managers should organize forums in which they meet with all their employees and deliberate on the company’s future. Here, the top management should explain their plans while the employees should be allowed to air their views and offer new ideas. All agreements and decisions reached should be pinned on the notices for all to see (Gopal 55). In addition, there should be a suggestion box for the business manager that could help raise issues that cannot be addressed by an employee for fear of contract termination. Companies like Google Inc. can attribute their success to proper business communication skills. Conclusion Every company seeks to realize its goals while inc urring the minimum costs possible. Mistakes that cost it millions due to inefficient communication procedures can therefore not be tolerated. To ensure this, companies should ensure they hire employees with effective communications skills such as interpersonal skills and ability to work as a team. This supplemented with open communication channels with the least possible huddles will ensure the company realizes its goals more effectively. Works Cited Gopal, Namita. Business communication. Toronto: New Age International, 2009. Print. Guffey, Ellen, and Almonte, Richard. Essentials of Business Communication. New York: Cenage Learning, 2009. Print.Advertising Looking for assessment on business communication? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Lee, Courtland, and Thill, John. Business communication today. New York: Pearson Prentice Hall, 2004. Print. Rodriques, Martin. Effective business communication. New York, Effective Publishing Company, 1992 This assessment on The Importance of a Two-Way Business Communications Procedure was written and submitted by user D0m1n0 to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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101 Genre and Diversity Professor Ramos Blog

101 Genre and Diversity Quick Write Quick Write What is diversity? What is Genre? Process Remember, the first homework assignment you can do is to answer the three questions at the end of the Anne Lamott article, â€Å"Shitty First Drafts.† Take a couple minutes and look through the short article and find something you can share with the class. This will lead us to our discussion. What is Diversity?

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Why Do We Celebrate Presidents Day

Why Do We Celebrate President's Day Presidents Day was established in 1832 to celebrate George Washingtons centennial. The annual holiday, which now falls on the third Monday of February, later evolved into a celebration of Abraham Lincolns birthday as well, and eventually turned into a day to mark the birthdays and lives of all American presidents- although the holidays name was never officially changed to Presidents Day. Did You Know? George Washingtons birthday got changed from February 11, 1731, to February 22, 1732, when the Gregorian calendar was adopted. An act of Congress made the date a federal holiday.Thanks to the Uniform Monday Holiday Act, Washingtons Birthday- which is often called Presidents Day- is always celebrated on the third Monday in February.Retailers love Presidents Day, and use it as a time to put big-ticket items on sale- because thats when people start getting their income tax refunds back. The First Presidents Day The origins of Presidents Day date back to the early nineteenth century, and it all started with George Washington. The first American president was born on February 11, 1731. As the centennial anniversary of his birth approached, Congress announced that festivities in Washingtons honor would be held on February 22, 1832. Why the change in dates? The answer lies in the history of the modern calendar. Washingtons birth took place before 1752, which was the year that Britain and all of its colonies adopted the Gregorian calendar. Thus, Washingtons birthday now fell on February 22, 1732, which meant that a century later, in 1832- instead of 1831- it was time to celebrate. Festivities took place all over the country, including the early adjournment of the Congressional session, followed by the reading of Washingtons 1796 Farewell Address, which has become an annual tradition. In 1879, Congress passed a bill declaring that February 22, long celebrated as Washingtons birthday, would be designated a federal holiday. At that time, Congress added February 22 to the list of official holidays observed by federal employees in the District of Columbia. This presented a problem initially, though- some government employees were paid for the day off, but others werent. In 1885, Congress solved that issue by declaring that all federal employees, including those employed outside of Washington D.C., were to be paid for all federal holidays. The Uniform Monday Holiday Act In 1968, Congress passed the Uniform Monday Holiday Act, which moved a number of federal holidays to Mondays. This change was adopted so that workers would have several three-day weekends throughout each year, but there was opposition from people who felt that holidays should be observed on the days they actually celebrate. According to historian C.L. Arbelbide, the  Congressional Record  highlighted three primary benefits of this change, aimed specifically at families: Three-day holidays offer greater opportunities for families- especially those whose members may be widely separated- to get together. . . .The three-day span of leisure time . . . would allow our citizens greater participation in their hobbies as well as in educational and cultural activities.Monday holidays would improve commercial and industrial production by minimizing midweek holiday interruptions of production schedules and reducing employee absenteeism before and after midweek holidays. The Uniform Holiday Act went into effect in January, 1971, and declared Washingtons Birthday, the third Monday in February, as a legal public holiday. During discussion about the new act, it was suggested that Washington’s Birthday should be renamed Presidents Day in order to honor the birthdays of both Washington and Abraham Lincoln, born on February 12, 1809.  However, Congress rejected the name alteration and it was never officially changed. So, why do people still call it Presidents Day? The Meaning of Presidents Day Today You can thank your friendly neighborhood retailer for the use of the term Presidents Day. Its become one of the most popular times of year for sales. While this might seem like an odd season to decide you need to run out and buy a new mattress or a dresser, theres actually a reason behind the tradition of Presidents Day sales on big-ticket items: its when people are starting to get their income tax refunds. Although there have been attempts over the years to formally start calling Washingtons Birthday by its more common name of Presidents Day, its never happened. In addition, states have the power to call it Presidents Day if they wish- the use of the name Washingtons Birthday is found at a federal level. No matter what you choose to call it, if youre a federal government employee, youll get the third Monday in February off each year. Sources Arbelbide, C L. â€Å"By George, IT IS Washingtons Birthday!†Ã‚  National Archives and Records Administration, National Archives and Records Administration,â€Å"George Washingtons Birthday.†Ã‚  National Archives and Records Administration, National Archives and Records Administration,, Ed. â€Å"What You May Not Know about Presidents Day.†Ã‚  CNN, Cable News Network, 18 Feb. 2019,â€Å"Public Law 90-363 .†Ã‚  US Government Publishing Office, 27 Jan. 1968,

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Managed care organizations Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Managed care organizations - Research Paper Example According to the official Aenta, Inc. website, the company provides care by providing health insurance for consumers which pays for doctor’s visits, medication, and other procedures (Aenta Inc). Aetna, Inc provides specific plans for individuals and families (Aenta Inc). They also provide special plans for employers to offer their employees. The cost of each plan depends on a variety of factors including pre-existing health conditions, deductibles, and locations. In looking at this particular plan, it does not appear to be as big of a company as other managed care organizations, so I might be less apt to trust it. As a patient, I would choose the individual plan and ensure that my coverage included prescriptions and hospital stays as these would be particularly important to me. Humana Inc, Humana Inc is another managed care organization that offers health insurance coverage to its consumers. As one of the better known health insurance companies, Humana Inc has an extensive are a of health care plans for consumers such as Medicare, individual, dental, vision, veteran, and insurance through employers (Humana Inc).